Hello World


Well hello,

I want to be the first to welcome you to your new favorite wine blog, CULTclassics! Since you are new here I’ll show you around- I promise that this will be the most boring post we will ever do… it only gets better from here (especially when Aaron posts).

Who are We?
My name is Geena Bouché, I am one half of Riviera Wine Group. My other half (in business and in life) is Aaron Lober. Together we are a fierce team of wine lovers that want to share California wine with the world. Originally we planned on exclusively exporting the wine we preciously place in our portfolio, but we had this “a-ha” moment (while drinking wine, obviously) that got us really excited to add a more domestic division to our company in addition to exporting. No, I’m not talking about turning Aaron into Betty Crocker; I am talking about an ONLINE WINE CLUB, or two in our case.  If you live in the US, we invite you to join our exclusive, monthly, wine clubs (see below), or if you are one of our foreign friends you can find our wines in Southeast Asia, where we are exporting our wines to at the moment. Stick with us to see where else in the world we plan to expand our export initiatives!

Who are You?
I have a feeling that you are one of our future club members- we have two fantastic wine clubs for you to join, WINECULT and THE INNER CIRCLE. These customizable clubs make it easy for you to get your hands on the most beautiful wines from boutique California winemakers. Let’s face it, California is HUGE and you are busy with work, friends and family, so we are doing the wine research for you. Let us deliver the nerdy, strange-in-a-good-way, hard to find, scrumptious, MIND EXPLODING vintages to your door so all you have to do is sit back, enjoy the ride and absorb the perfectly packaged information booklet we place in your shipment. To get on the club waitlists, go to the membership page and fill out the form. We can’t promise you immediate membership because of our waitlists fill up FAST, but aren’t the best things in life worth waiting for? We will contact you as soon as there is room in the cool club for someone cool like you!

Where does the wine come from?
California’s best winemakers! The most fun part of our job is traveling around meeting winemakers and exploring California’s most unique wine regions. We aim to bring you crazy good wine from Santa Rita Hills to Stags Leap district and everywhere in between. If you are one of California’s beloved winemakers shoot us an email if you are interested in working with us! Check out our Partners page for contact information

What’s next?
Get ready for more posts and subscribe to this blog HERE! I promise we take the wine more seriously than we do ourselves. If you want to share funny wine related stories, awesome wine recommendations, partner with us, or be featured in future CULTclassics posts, you can connect with us through any of our social media accounts (see links in our website footer).

Drink great wine and sip happy,
Owners, Geena Bouché and Aaron Lober

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