Getting Rich in the Wine Industry- PLOT TWISTS AHEAD

There’s an old joke in the wine industry that goes, “How do you make a million dollars selling wine?"

--- Start with two ---

That joke is a big hit at parties, its also been used to great effect to open public
addresses or for getting a knowing smile from another wine industry veteran. This joke has a thousand minor iterations and never seems to age. We love this joke because it illuminates a fundamental truth that binds inveterate members of the California wine community. We’re not in this for the money, we’re in it for the love of great wine.

Great winemakers are artists who have chosen the grape as their medium, don’t let
anyone tell you different. The production of each vintage is a labor of love and like so many great works of art, they often go under appreciated. There will always be
people who look at the wine industry and see a moneymaking enterprise first. These
folks invariably struggle and rarely last because they lack the artistry required of a
great winemaker.


We all of course want to put food on the table, but agriculture is a fickle business. One bad harvest, a natural disaster, an economic downturn, each can wipe out a boutique wine operation in a blink. Success in the wine industry requires a deep commitment to craft, a pinch of good luck and as John Lennon and Paul McCartney put it “a little help from my friends”.

My perspective on life and wine has always been this: I don’t want to “get rich” I am
rich; rich with friends, rich in love, rich in experience, and rich in spirit. This alternative definition of riches has served me well during my time in the wine industry. I’ve been lucky enough to accumulate a wealth of wonderful relationships and cultivate a treasure trove of unforgettable experiences within this industry.

If you were to speak with other members of the wine industry they would likely tell you a similar story. It’s the art that draws the most successful to the industry and it’s
the people that keep us here. For those who came for the money and didn’t last, at least they’ll have learned a good joke.

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Ride with us,
Owners, Aaron Lober & Geena Bouché

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