Our Mission

Our mission is to introduce you to high quality wine sourced from California’s unique micro producers.

Welcome to the wine industry’s inner circle.

Executive Leadership Goals


Geena Bouché

Owner, Founder

"My goal is to make our partners' growth effortless. I want to fine tune our partner's brand development so we can introduce their wine to new markets with ease. I believe that a continued education is crucial; the cyclical nature of wine gives birth to new flavors and experiences every year. I am excited for the opportunity to work with our partners to deliver their wines to new customers everywhere."

- Geena Bouché


Aaron Lober

Owner, Founder

"My goal is to forge new pathways for our partners and their products in the global marketplace. I believe the key to success is putting people in positions to exercise their natural gifts. So, I do my best to serve as a conduit for our partners. Putting my expertise to work, so they can concentrate on producing beautiful wines while reaping all the benefits of international distribution. There's a whole world of opportunity out there and I want to help you seize it."

- Aaron Lober

Let’s Grow Together
— Owners Geena Bouché & Aaron Lober



We believe that maintaining a consistent degree of excellence is what separates great wines from the rest. We hold our products and ourselves to the same standard. Every brand we represent is hand selected for its celebrated quality and we treat each and every label with the care and respect they demand. With guaranteed, temperature controlled shipping and trade compliance expertise, Riviera Wine Group delivers world class wines, in the exact condition the winemaker intended.


The quality of California’s wine is exceptional and representing these wines comes with an essential responsibility of care. The success of your brand is as important to us as it is to you. To that end, we work diligently to build your brand in the proper markets. We specifically tailor portfolios for each of our import partners to meet the unique tastes of consumers in their region. This ensures that the end consumer receives wines they love while your brand continues to grow.


Riviera Wine Group is here to relieve you from struggling with the logistics of international growth. We specialize in product marketing, brand management and international export. By partnering with us, winemakers can focus on creating unforgettable vintages, while we develop your brand internationally. We’ve worked hard to perfect the art of wine export and would like to share the fruits of our labor with you. Let’s grow together.