Winemaker Spotlight

Interested in learning more about this months shipment? You've come to the right place! Each month, our Winemaker Spotlight highlights the 3 new and exciting producers you'll find in your WINECULT shipment. Their stories, photos, tasting notes and fun anecdotes are captured here, so you can learn a little more about the diverse collection of farmers, artisans and mad scientists that make up the California wine industry. 


Ground Truth


2016 Syrah Rosé

To use an embarrassingly bad pun, this wine is the “Truth”. Santa Ynez valley produces some excellent Syrah and utilizing a native yeast fermentation with stainless steel barrels really puts the terroir on display. For those of you who follow us regularly, you know our affinity for wines that can be enjoyed in all circumstances. Garrett Gamache’s 2016 Rosé of Syrah is exactly that. Bright acidity and solid mouthfeel make it great for pairing, while rich fruit and floral characteristics help it stand tall on its own.

2016 Cinsaut

Raise your hand if you’ve tried a stand alone Cinsaut. Nobody…? That’s what we figured. Winemaker Larry Scheffer has applied his considerable talents to turning what is most classically a blending grape, into a vibrant complex single varietal vintage, that doesn’t require pairing AT ALL. the 2016 Cinsaut is perfect when just a touch chilled, and has for the last month been helping us stave off the more serious effects of the heat wave we’re in. I couldn’t think of a better representation of a “Summer Red”.