Winemaker Spotlight

Interested in learning more about this months shipment? You've come to the right place! Each month, our Winemaker Spotlight highlights the 3 new and exciting producers you'll find in your WINECULT shipment. Their stories, photos, tasting notes and fun anecdotes are captured here, so you can learn a little more about the diverse collection of farmers, artisans and mad scientists that make up the California wine industry. 

Dusty Nabor & Karin Langer

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Meet Dusty Nabor of “Dusty Nabor Wines” and partner Karin Langer of “Bolt To Wines”, a wine power couple lighting up the South Coast

How did you meet?

“We knew of each other for a full year before we found an excuse to meet. We both competed as elite triathletes and were named to the same national team. However, I (Dusty) lived in Southern California and Karin resided somewhere “back east”” - Dusty

“In Dusty’s parlance –”Michigan or Massachusetts or something (actually, Chicago).” A family emergency had Dusty flying to Madison, Wisconsin every few weeks in late 2012, so I (Karin) let Dusty know I lived a mere two hours down I-94 if he felt like exploring what’s known as “the Midwest.”” - Karin

What started your wine journey together as partners in both life and the winery?

“We’re “work hard, play hard” drinkers, who spent our first date awkwardly perusing the flights at a wine bar in Chicago.” Dusty primarily knew California wines, and I new what and where Chianti was, but little else. When Dusty started exploring more regions in depth, he brought my palate along for the ride.” - Karin

Is there a wine that you both love (and you can’t choose any of your own wines)?

“2007 Hundred Acre Kayli Morgan. We’ve moved on a bit from big Napa Cabs, but have celebrated some milestones with that particular wine, so it holds a special place in our relationship.” - Dusty

Do you have a cool or funny story about your wine making?

“The Dusty Nabor 2017 Viognier was a comedy of errors from the start: Dusty only wanted to co-ferment about 3% Viognier with his Syrah that year, but was locked into buying half a ton of the varietal, approximately 970 more pounds of fruit than he needed or wanted. He decided to dive headfirst into making a little white wine, but let the grapes hang on the vine about a month longer than he was advised, and stuck with his “unfiltered, unfined” credo, which would make bottling a white a touchy and delicate operation.” - Karin

“Bottling day fell on April 20th, and the college kids assisting that day “accidentally” reversed the pump, burping all the lees up from the bottom of the barrel and into each bottle. Karin assured me there would be a market for a small-batch of my goofy wine, and was backed up by a number of our winemaker friends who reiterated that cloudy wine was “in these days”.

The 2017 Viognier went on to be one of my fastest-selling and most acclaimed wines despite the fact I still consider it a rough draft for its more refined successor, the 2018 Viognier.” - Dusty

Are both of you focused on sourcing from Organic/Sustainable vineyards?

“Four out of five vineyards Dusty Nabor Wines sources fruit from follow either certified organic or organic farming practices. The fifth is family owned utilizing conventional but limited-intervention farming practices. Bolt To Wines is sourced from 100% organically grown fruit.” - Dusty

What is your favorite thing about wine?

“Put simply, wine brings people together. We love how many peoples’ stories can be wrapped up in one bottle: the story of the growing season and the farmers, of the harvest and the pickers, of the winemaking process and the winemaker, of why you bought the bottle and who convinced you to try it, your first taste, the night you opened it and the people who shared it with you….”

Dusty, Karin… we couldn’t imagine a cooler couple to share a bottle with. Thanks for the stories. - Geena & Aaron