Winemaker Spotlight

Interested in learning more about this months shipment? You've come to the right place! Each month, our Winemaker Spotlight highlights the 3 new and exciting producers you'll find in your WINECULT shipment. Their stories, photos, tasting notes and fun anecdotes are captured here, so you can learn a little more about the diverse collection of farmers, artisans and mad scientists that make up the California wine industry. 

Horse & Plow



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2014 Carignane

The 2014 Carignane excites while it dances across the tongue. Carignane has this beautiful quality of being simultaneously light and punchy. The choice to do whole cluster fermentation just accentuates what I love most about the varietal. With the recent heat wave, it’s been a struggle to find reds that refresh without being bland or pack the flavor and complexity I’m looking for without being overpowering. the 2014 Carignane from Horse & Plow does both and is right on the money.

2016 Reserve Sauvignon Blanc

To no ones surprise, Grassini Family Vineyards has been voted best Santa Barbara winery and best urban tasting room for the second year in a row. Somehow, this amazing winery remains a wonderfully well kept secret. Much to my joy, I can always count on a quiet space to work or write in the downtown tasting room on a Saturday afternoon. Getting our hands on bottles of the 2016 reserve is a particular treat since the vintage was retired to their library last year. It’s good to have friends in the wine business!

2016 Tempranillo

You guys... bringing this wine into the club was selfish because I LOVE IT. Naturally, I knew you would too, but I really just wanted to drink all the bottles myself. Thankfully, I am friends with Nick, one of the awesome Demetria dudes, who happened to slip me a couple of cases just as the rest of this vintage was being put into the owner's personal library. Maybe I begged for the wine, maybe I didn't, but all I can say is enjoy this bottle with a very special meal and a very special someone.